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frequently asked questions

How do you choose a location?

We choose a location based on the style we're going for and the activities/sports you want to incorporate! If you play a sport and want that featured - then we'll go to a place where we can get some awesome action photos. Otherwise, we'll go to a few beautiful spots around your town, school, or home that are meaningful for you to have in pictures. If you have a specific location in mind, then tell me and we'll make it happen!

do you edit all of the photos we receive?

Yes! With portrait photos, every photo you receive has been individually edited with color correction and cropping. With event photos, almost every photo has been individually edited, and the only ones that haven't may be room photos. All photos of people and details are guaranteed to be edited.

how many photos will i receive?

It depends on your package, see the Pricing page for details.

how will i receive the photos & will i be able to download them?

Yes!!! You will receive all of the final edited photos in a Google Photos album. You can download individual photos or download all photos, it's entirely up to you. I'll send you the album link, and anyone who you send that link to (friends & family) can view/dowload the the photos.

can i post the photos on social media?

Please do!!! If you do post any of the photos you download, please either give credit to Edith Noble Design or tag @edithnobledesign on Instagram. :) 

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