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2020 in Review: Thoughts & Growth

📍 Soho, NYC

Hi everyone! I hope you're having a great last day of 2020!!


Of course everyone in the world is talking about how insane this year has been, so I won't repeat that again, but I wanted to talk about how I think I've grown this year as a person and minor member of society!

Firstly, I think that my faith definitely grew the most this year. God taught me so much, specifically through His Word since this year I've gotten into the habit of reading my Bible for 5 minutes almost every day. This time almost every day has been a good time to reflect on how I feel, and it never ceases to amaze me how God can send me (and you!) scripture that either directly or between-the-lines reflects what's happening in my life.
Another thing that I have grown in is running, and God has helped my faith to grow so much through running and exercise! I've learned to push myself so much more and become even more comfortable in uncomfort. I have so much more time to grow, get faster, and push myself even more. My family's continual support in running and athletics is my biggest motivation and I am so grateful.
I've also learned that glorifying God is the most important and spiritually rewarding thing that I can do. Anyone can glorify God through anything they do. I love to glorify God through art, music, running, social media, and loving others. I feel like those are all talents or opportunities that I've been given in order to glorify Him, so why not!
This year has taught me that loving others is the only thing that each of us are truly meant to do. No matter how it may seem in the moment, choosing love over judgment can change the world even in a really small way. It can obviously be very difficult to choose love a lot of the time, but in the end it's always the right choice.
This year I've been learning, and am still learning, how to be authentically who God made me to be and to care less about what others think of me. God made every person in the world unique with their own purpose to change the world for the better, and though some may not have recognized or be using their purpose, I think I'm figuring it out bit by bit and I look forward to continuing that. This has helped me to realize that if I feel the need to change myself to fit in or be liked by a certain group of people, then those people aren't worth my time. True friends stay and keep each other accountable, even if they have different beliefs or values, and God will lead those true people and myself to each other.
I hope you maybe learned a little bit about me from this and it's so nice to reflect on this year! HAPPY 2021!!! God Bless!

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