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A Day in the Life on Vacation in South Carolina! (water festival day 1) // Episode 155

📍Charleston, South Carolina

Hi everyone! I hope you're having a great weekend. In this week's video I'm sharing a new vlog with you from my family's current vacation in South Carolina! For the month of July we're staying in the same town as we have for the past two years, Beaufort, and one of our favorite things about this town is that in July they hold an annual "water festival". The water festival this year was 10 days long and each day there are fun events that go on downtown. It was cancelled last year due to Covid, but we were so excited this year to find out that it would be happening again! Some of our favorite events we got to watch and take part in this year have been the water ski show, air show, and shrimp boat tours.

The day that I vlogged was the first day of the festival, so there was a concert played by the Marine Corps Band and fireworks over the waterfront. It was beautiful and I'm so glad I could document it! Be sure to check out the vlog and enjoy!! 💕

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