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Emerick's Farm Tree Tapping

Hi everyone!! Happy Wednesday!! I hope you're having a lovely week. I'm on my school's Spring Break right now, which is lovely, and it's given me some time to catch up on photography, so I have a new set of photos to share. These are from a few weeks ago when one Saturday my family went to our first ever "tree tapping". If you've never heard of a tree tapping, which my family never had until recently, it's basically the process of getting sap out of maple trees to make maple syrup with. Each year, Emerick's Maple Farm holds an event where the "maple queen" (as supervised by her "maple princesses") taps the first tree of the season. It was a really interesting event to go to, and just nice to get out of the house, so I hope you enjoy the photos! To be honest, I really never realized how intense it can be to make maple syrup, and just how much sap it takes to make a tiny bottle. Something else I didn't realize was just how many foods can be maple flavored, lol. After the tapping we got to enjoy maple flavored treats such as syrup dipped pretzels, 1000 types of cookies, and more. It was quite something! I've never been a huge maple syrup gal, but I sure appreciate it more now, and don't hesitate to put it on my pancakes in the mornings. I think these photos capture the overall vibe of the event, the fine Pennsylvanians, and what it's like at a tree tapping! Enjoy!! 💛💚🧡

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