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Ethan | Faith Story & In Missione Photoshoot

Hi everyone! I hope you're having a lovely week. Today I'm very excited to share a set of photos that I got to take with my youth group friend Ethan, who you've probably seen in the Splendid Society photos from earlier this year.

Our purpose in this photoshoot was to tell Ethan's faith story through pictures, and I think we definitely accomplished that in a really unique way. I got to know Ethan this past year through our diocese's youth group, which he co-founded and I am now helping lead. Through our friendship I've gotten to know his passion for the Catholic Church and entrepreneurship, so I'm so glad that we could tell that story in photos. What you'll see in these pictures is the embodiment of frustration at the progress of the world around him, joy in the path that God has put him on, and hope for his future and the future of the world. Ethan is so deeply rooted in his community, through the community of the Traditional Latin Mass, as well as just rural Pennsylvania itself. That's also partly why we decided to shoot in this field with a beautiful mountain view, to showcase our little section of the Allegheny Mountains that he is so involved in.

Some of the photos are in a cool sweatshirt that says "Ora Pro Nobis" ("pray for us" in Latin), which is from the brand In Missione on Instagram. Ethan was kindly sponsored by them for this shoot so be sure to check out their nice faith-based clothes.

Through his photos, and more photoshoots you'll see coming up soon, my goal is to be a storyteller through beautiful pictures. These will be stories that inspire me or have taught me valuable lessons, and people that I think the world will be hearing from. Embracing our similarities and differences, and sharing each other's stories is so valuable to improving the lives of those around us and making the world a better place.

With all of that said, be sure to check out these photos and enjoy!!


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