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M. A. A. L. International Friends Summer Photoshoot

(Merci, Andrea, Amen, and Louisa)

Hi everyone... happy Summer!!! I hope you're having a lovely day. Today I'm super excited to share a LOT of photos that I took for some of my best friends at Grier. Quite a few of the girls in these pictures are from different countries and were only planning on staying at this school for one year, so the end of the year always signals some sad goodbyes for our international friends. Luckily, we had the opportunity to do a fun photoshoot around campus for these lovely ladies to remember their time at school in the US, and for some sweet instagram photos. Merci, Andrea, Amen, and Louisa are some of the kindness people around, and of course they look amazingggg so I hope you enjoy the photos. Be sure to check them all out and enjoy!!


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