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March '24 Photo Journal

Happy April!! March was such a full month, covering six states and two different school quarters! Highlights included: beginning the month in South Dakota finishing up the indoor track nationals trip, spring break, and starting my last quarter of freshman year at SCAD. I felt so blessed to have so many opportunities for both fun and challenges throughout this month, ranging from running my first track 10k (25 laps of craziness!) to riding the scariest rollercoaster of my life (Velocicoaster) at Universal just a few days later. Funny, wild, and exciting.

This month taught me that God truly only gives us what we can handle through Him, but that doesn't mean it won't be intimidating or scary at times. We began our outdoor track season which has been fruitful so far, but I'm not quite satisfied and looking forward to working some more and finishing up the season in the next few weeks. I also had the blessing and opportunity of being named Features Editor at SCAD District, SCAD's student new publication. This opens up new doors to photojournalism and writing experience for me so I'm over the moon excited for this new chapter in this position!

I have more photos and stories to share from spring break later on in a different blog post as it covered time in both South Carolina and Orlando, Florida. Suffice to say that it was a blast and such a nice relaxing and exciting break between winter and spring quarter. We're now all back in Savannah and prepping for a packed spring quarter of art, running, writing, and life!! Enjoy some March highlights below. 💕

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