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Q & A About All-Girls Boarding School *ft. my friends!* // Episode 81

An old picture from the Brooklyn Promenade...

Hey everyone! I hope you're having a fantastic weekend! I am so excited about the video this week, it's a question and answer video with 4 of my best friends from school about what it's like going to an all-girls boarding school! It's really fun, so be sure to check it out.

Here are some of the questions we made up and answered...

Q: What's it like without boys?

A: There's less drama and you feel less judged, but sometimes it would be nice to socialize with boys because with only girls we'll get sick of each other sometimes.

Q: Did you get 'sent' to boarding school?

A: All of my friends from the video chose to go because they wanted to and their parents were okay with it, but depending on your past behavior some girls' parents will want them to go.

Q: Why do you go to boarding school?

A: Our school specializes in dance, horseback riding, art and music, so most of my friends went specifically for one or more of those things, but some just go for the experience. In fact, it's a tradition in Mexico for girls to go away to boarding school in the U.S. for only 1 year, so a lot of international girls are just there for the overall experience of studying in a different country.

We answered more in the video as well so check it out if you're interested! Also, my Spring Break starts next weekend so get ready to be seeing some more tutorials and those types of videos. Comment any video requests or ideas! Check the video out and enjoy!! :D

Episode 81:

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