Quizzing My Parents on Teen Sayings! *hilarious* // Episode 97

Hey everyone! I hope you're having an amazing weekend! This week's video is a really fun one where I quiz my parents on teen abbreviations, and it turned out so hilarious. I am proud to say that they got 90% with 9/10 that I asked them.

Here are some of the abbreviations I asked them, see how many you know on your own! ~ LOL




~ YK

Those are just a few so be sure to check out the video to see how many more you know, and enjoy!! ❤️😂

Episode 97: https://youtu.be/tNd_yJWNcO8

My Channel: (Edith Noble) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnXXLYRl1ImCPHpCqeFdilg

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