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Rocketdogs in the Big City

Hey y'all! How's your day going? Here's my last official post from Prince Edward Island, Canada on vacation. It's taken a while (and iCloud is still taking a while for the vlog) but here we are, the vacation posts are over. So sad, I know. Now I'll just have to write about my actual daily life. (dramatic sigh)

Anyway, here you go! This pic was taken in Charlottetown, PEI and the title is supposed to be a little ironic because Charlottetown is PEI's capital city, (there are only two cities) and so you would think it's really big and urban, right? Uh, wrong. I live in a pretty average size city of 44K people, and Charlottetown's population was 36K... nuts right? So anyway, my family kept calling it "the big city" or "the big apple" just to make fun of the fact of how small it was. ;)

As we were walking through the downtown part of Charlottetown there were a lot of super cute shops and alleys. I don't know why, but I just love different downtown alleys. Especially ones like this one, with all of the hanging lights and outdoor cafes. To me it just seems like a sort of secret world. I also love downtowns, and soon I plan to do a cool photo shoot with some friends in my local downtown. If I have a shop of my own, I would definitely want to have it in a downtown where people are always walking up and down the streets and stopping in. Can you count how many times I used the word "downtown" in the last paragraph? Whoops!

This title was because of the irony I mentioned earlier, and because of the brand of the shoes I was wearing that day. They were Rocketdogs and I thought it looked really cool on the bottom in this pic.

I think for the next post I'll be doing my first ever Design category post! Get ready!

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