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22:47 Heel Clicks

Let me start this post by taking a moment to admire the beautiful form of that heel click. I mean, normally I can totally do that without thinking, but when this was taken I couldn't to save my life. This pic was taken last Sunday, and last Saturday I ran the Cornwall Classic 5K in PEI. The race was a bit deceiving for multiple reasons.

~ A normal 5K is 3.1 miles, for some reason this one was 3.5 miles?? Last summer I ran a 5K in 25:38 which at the time was a new PR for me. This year my goal was to get at least 23 minutes, which would be a new PR. We didn't learn that it was 3.5 until after the race, so when I crossed the finish line with a time of 24:57, I was pretty bummed. However, later we measured the actual 3 miles and I got 22:47!!!

~ In Canada, for some odd reason they measure in kilometers, not miles. In an American race they have mile markers so that you know what mile of the race you're in. Here, they had kilometer markers, and it was a 5K so there were 5 of them. (FYI: a kilometer is a little of half a mile) So, having kilometer markers made it seem like we were flying through the race, when in reality we were still going for 3 miles, not 3 kilometers. There was definitely too much math involved!

~ But something amazing did happen from the race! My littlest brother Reu got 2nd in the 1K and first boy, we think Abe won his age group (this was his first 5K) and I got 2nd female and 5th overall! One strange thing though, they didn't have medals or and awards ceremony like at most races???

Anyway, back to my point, after running a PR of 22:47 I was pretty tired! (AKA- my legs were dead.) And the next day my family went for a cool walk to a super long boardwalk that led to a beach. Classic Manfred Luck, we went the wrong way to the boardwalk, which meant that we had to turn around and find our way back. The total amount of time that walk took was 3 hours! So, by the time this picture was taken my legs were figuratively gone. And what do you think we decide to do for a picture on the beach... heel clicks... the thing that requires a solid amount of leg strength, which at the time, I definitely did not have.

Are you enjoying summer? ;)

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