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A Summer Day in Charleston, SC Through Photos

Hi everyone! I hope you're having a great weekend!! As you may have seen if you follow me or any of my family members on Instagram - last weekend we made it to South Carolina for year 4 of the Beaufort lifestyle! It's such a blessing to be able to keep coming down here and spending time as a family living in a super cute little coastal town for a month each summer. We love visiting the surrounding beaches, cities, and attractions, and yesterday my family had the pleasure of doing some exploring in Charleston, SC. Charleston is SUCH a beautiful city, without seeming too city-like, and it's just such a cute place to be. There's no way to describe it besides "cute", lol. Anyways, yesterday I figured I'd document our visit in photos to make a visual day in the life. I think the photos turned out quite cute and it was fun to flex my photojournalism brain, in a way, as we walked around and explored. We went to the Charleston City Market for the second time, and walked around the Waterfront Park and dipped our toes in the fountain, which was quite refreshing. There were lots of cool stores and cute kids to not-creepily-photograph playing in fountains, just loving life.

Be sure to check out the photos and enjoy!! And be sure to visit Charleston at least once in your life. ;) 💕🌴

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