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A Fun & Full Friday in My Life // Episode 66

#throwbacktoJuly Aaaand we're back to the summer. This was taken at Beaver Stadium...

Hellooo everybody! Guess what... I'm on Thanksgiving break! I've had a countdown going for this since like the second day of school and it's finally here. That means content, and lots of it!

This week's video is a day in my life that I filmed two Fridays ago, and it turned out to actually be a more fun day than I had thought it would be! I did a long run of 6 miles before school, had a half day of school, participated in a game show, met our future dog, went for a hike, and watched 2 episodes of The Office all before 8pm. (jeez, I'm sweating just typing it...) So as you've probably guessed - it's definitely a 'fun & full' vlog. Check it out and enjoy!!

Alsoooo... I have surprise coming out on Wednesday that you should start getting excited for!

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