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About Me Q&A

Hey guys! How's everyone's day going? I'm here to announce my newest YouTube video called About Me Q&A. A few days ago on I announced that I was doing a Q&A and I asked for some questions, and I got 9 awesome ones! (The people who asked them's usernames are in the description of the video.) And a huge shoutout to everyone who gave me questions, thanks so much!

Their isn't really a whole lot to say about the video, since it's not a tutorial that I can give you instructions for. However, I did gain 3 subscribers and it already has 28 views! Thanks to everyone who contributed.

The book in the pic of this post is actually a really cool book from Michael's a few weeks back. They had a sale (welllll, that's a long story) and we ended up getting 4 books like this for $5 each. They're really awesome because they're a nice and oddly satisfying material. Plus, one thing that always annoys me about certain things I buy is that it'll have a cool cover to, say, a book, but then in one of the corners it has a huge logo that takes away the beauty of the cover. This only had an easily removable sticker on the back, and that was it. No joke here, even inside the book there wasn't a logo, company name, or bar code. It was really beautiful.

(Sorry, this isn't a sponsored post, I just love these books!)

My mom and I ended up getting 4 books, one for each of my brothers and two for me. I'm using this Joy In The Ordinary one for a planner for this summer, and a different one for next summer.

Definitely worth it! Do you ever buy something and then rant about it? ;D

My Channel: (EdithNoble)

The Q&A:

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