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Adopting our Second Greyhound!! Welcome to the family Dibaba! // Episode 108

Hi everyone! I hope you're having a great weekend! This week's video is a super fun one where my family gets our second dog!!! As you may have seen, last December we got our first greyhound, Kipchoge, and honestly ever since we have been thinking that getting a second grey would be really cool. The kennel we adopted Kip from recently put some new retired racers up for adoption, so we thought it was the perfect time!

The kennel recommends that you get the opposite gender for a second dog, so we got a beautiful brindle girl and named her Dibaba - "D" for short. Tirunesh Dibaba is an amazing Ethiopian runner who has set a world record in the womens 5000m race and is one of the best 10,000m and marathon runners in the world - so we thought hers would be a really fun name for a retired racing greyhound!

For more pet updates, feel free to follow both dogs and our cat on Instagram: @kip_d_biscuit. It's a really fun video so be sure to check it out and enjoy!


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