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August '23 Photo Journal

Hi everyone! Happy September!! I'm a little late with this past month's highlights but that's because the current month has just been so crazy, which is so cool. August, as I had predicted, was truly the craziest month of my life. Moving into college and all that came with it turned my world upside down. We're almost a full month into it now, but the experience was just so interestingly unique and quintessential at the same time.

August began with getting back from vacation in South Carolina, lifeguarding a lot, putting the final touches on cross country summer training, visiting my high school bestie Anna in NYC, and packing for college. After both the shortest and longest three weeks at home ever, I boarded a plane solo to Savannah, Georgia. Scary. Exciting.

At the beginning of the summer my siblings decided we needed a way to spend specific time together hanging out throughout the summer, and established a weekly system where every Saturday we go on a little adventure together. These had a variety of activites such as glow-in-the-dark mini golf, lots of biking, and our climactic last "Saturday" together was a solo trip to Pittsburgh to visit the Andy Warhol Museum. It was such a fun and special way to spend our last summer all together when I lived with them full time. We got the "Saturdays" idea from the book series The Saturdays about the Melendy children that we all loved when we were kids. In the books, the four siblings go on weekly adventures together, fully independent of parents. Those four children in that book are so real and dear to me that it was so sweet to do our own tribute to their story and our present love for each other.

Back to August - after a super chaotic first three days in Savannah, I boarded a charter bus to Boone, North Carolina with all of my new teammates. We spent five days in Boone, training and hanging around the cabin before our first meet of the year - the Fire Tower Project Meet at App State. I'll share more stories and photos from the beginning of cross country in a different blog post but suffice to say - having a team is so wonderful!! It was so crazy for August to span so much time. It was definitely the longest month ever, full of more change and fluctuating emotions than ever before. Now that classes have started and I'm into a routine at my new Hive, I'm loving it, but the beginning was definitely super tough. This adjustment is definitely the hardest thing I've ever done but I know that it's so worth it and it's so so exciting to feel that this is where God wants me to be!

August is crazy. September has been and will continue to be so exciting. Here's to new adventures, new friends, and a new home! Go Bees! 🐝⚡️

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