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Beaufort, South Carolina - top places to visit // Episode 158

📍Brooklyn, New York (from June 2021)

Hi everyone! I hope you're having a lovely weekend. This week's video is a collection of my family's favorite places to go in our beautiful South Carolina vacation town, Beaufort! I talk about 7 of our favorite places that have stood the test of time over 3 years' vacations staying there, and why we love the locations. Here's an overview:

  1. Hunting Island State Park - We've gone to the beach here all three years in South Carolina, and loved it every time! Well, almost... the jellyfish the second year were not ideal, haha. This beach is typically way less crowded than anywhere like Hilton Head, and it's definitely less touristy.

  2. Downtown Beaufort - The town has an awesome street of cute shops and restaurants that we've enjoyed walking through each year, especially during the Water Festival!

  3. Walk to Downtown Beaufort - The road on the way to downtown is so beautiful, with inns on one side, marshes on the other, and spanish moss overhead, it's absolutely lovely.

  4. Waterfront Park - Perhaps my favorite thing about Beaufort is the Waterfront Park, which is an awesome sidewalk along the water/marina, and park that borders the sidewalk and downtown. It was the central location for the Water Festival, and one of our favorite places to walk our dogs to!

  5. The Old Point - I've showed this neighborhood in a previous vlog, but Old Point is basically a historic neighborhood that borders the downtown and marshes, and it's filled with some of the most beautiful small historic houses I've ever seen. The architecture reminds me of a mix of typical southern style architecture, mixed with a New England/Cape Cod type home vibe, which I love.

  6. Spanish Moss Trail - A popular set of trails to use in Pennsylvania are the "Rails to Trails" paths, located all around my area, and the Spanish Moss Trail definitely reminds me of those! A quarter mile from our house was one of the intersections to get onto the trail, which is beautifully paved and stretches for miles along marshes and backyards of houses. We walked our dogs, ran, did workouts, and biked on this trail multiple times a day, so I would definitely recommend it as a good family activity!

  7. City Walk Neighborhood - I can't say enough about this neighborhood!! It seems like so many of my recommendations involve walking through neighborhoods, but it's such a great way to get to know the area you're staying in. City Walk (on Water Street) is an area of streets covered in very modern and stylish houses, and it conveniently was very close to our house. These houses are all built within the past 10 years and they're beautiful, made even better by the gravel path bordering a marsh on the other side of the street. We loved to walk our dogs through there and pick out our dream houses, haha.

Beaufort is really an amazing town, and we're so thankful to have spent so much time there! Be sure to check out the video and enjoy!! 🌴🌺💕

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