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Canadian VS American Donuts

Hey everyone! How's your start (I guess we're past the start by now) to the summer going?

Let me just say this again, here's the 3rd post from Canada, and speaking of Canada, I need to fill y'all in on something that really showed the dietary difference between America and Canada.

Last Sunday after Church my family decided that we needed to get some Canadian donuts. (Well I guess they don't call them Canadian donuts, they just call them donuts.) So we went to a quiet little shop called Bakin' Donuts. (I keep wondering if there's a connection to Dunkin' Donuts??) We went in and decided to get a dozen donuts from their shelf behind the register. But here's the thing, you know how you can go to almost everywhere in the USA that sells donuts and find shelves stocked with almost every flavor known to man every day of the week? Here they had one shelf with probably about 8 different regular flavors and an average of about 3 donuts per flavor. Well, we American donut-eaters in the shop decided that we were sticking to our dozen donuts and no less. Let's just say that we walked out of that place with probably half of their entire donut collection for the day. I feel like that and the fact that their were probably 12, tops, fast food restaurants on the entire island shows a lot about their vs. our eating habits.

(Don't worry, I have nothing against Bakin' Donuts, their food was delicious and greatly enjoyed.)

Sorry this was a bit of a short post, I feel like the ones from Canada might always end up being a little short. And here's something to get you thinking about - Do you have any YouTube video ideas for me?

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