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Charleston Sprint Triathlon Photos

Hi everyone!! I'm so excited to share a new gallery of photos with you from a triathlon about a week ago! My youngest brother Reu made the goal a few weeks ago to do a triathlon, and thankfully we found a "sprint" triathlon in Charleston, SC while we're on vacation in SC. It was a 600 yard swim, 12 mile bike, and 5k run, and Reu did AMAZING! It was so inspiring to watch him do such an impressive event, especially at only 13 years old.

I had a really cool experience shooting a new type of sporting event than I ever had before, though it was quite challenging. I had to really work to get decent angles, and even those were quite tough to get anything from. But overall it was a learning experience and so cool! I've been really inspired by the photos my favorite photographers took a few weeks ago at the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run in California, and tried to use their compositions and others from triathlons/similar races as inspiration.

Here are most of the photos, enjoy!!

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