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City Market & SCAD in Savannah, Georgia (Vlog) // Episode 156

Hey everyone! I hope you're having a great weekend!! This week's vlog is all about my family's recent day trip to Savannah, Georgia, which turned out to be a very fun day. We've visited Savannah before during our past two summers staying in South Carolina, but this trip we tried something new and went to the City Market, which is a collection of cute shops and attractions in downtown Savannah. It was so fun to walk through all of the shops and explore some beautifully colored buildings, while enjoying how not-blazingly-hot-and-humid it was! (that felt like a first this trip...) After the City Market we ventured to the Savannah College of Art and Design Store, which was close by, and looked around the school's shop, which is actually located in the original building that the college was founded in in 1978. We had gone there two years ago, but it was just as cool this time, and perhaps even cooler because I'm now old enough to consider SCAD as a potential college in two years! It seems like such an inspirational art school, and I'm so glad I could capture that in the vlog, so be sure to check it out and enjoy!!

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