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Day in the Life in South Carolina (vaca year 4!) // Episode 176

Hey & happy Sunday!! I hope you're having a wonderful end of summer. My brothers have started school already of course, but per usual... I'm still on break for another two weeks! I'll be occupying myself with running, lifeguarding, and painting. In the midst of all of these fun activities, I've been going through all of the footage from our recent month in South Carolina, and came up with two new videos, the first of which I'm posting today!

It has become a tradition to film a "day in the life" vlog every year while on vacation, just to document what life was like that year and to save fun memories. This year's vlog did not disappoint, as the random Thursday I filmed turned out to be such a fun one. We ran (of course), did some art as a family (of course), went to the beach (of course), and finished out the day with a photoshoot for my senior pictures! Obviously everyday down there wasn't quite as exciting as that one, but we truly love every minute down South.

As you might know, I'm about to go into 12th grade (what!!!), and with that comes a lot of societal traditions that I've looked forward to for years - starting with senior pictures! I've been taking senior portraits for friends and clients for two years now, so the idea that I would need my own simply seemed weird, in an exciting way. The story of my senior pictures actually turns out to be a one indicative of God's goodness and plan for us! As I said, I've looked forward to having my senior pictures taken for years, not out of vanity, but more because I'm so used to taking beautiful pictures of others that I was so interested to see how a stranger would capture what they see in me. Anticlimactically, I searched high and low for a photographer whose style I liked and after finding a few, they were either unavailable or too costly. My parents always reminded me that as a last resort they could take my pictures, but to be honest, I really didn't want that to happen. As much as I knew I would enjoy spending time with them taking pictures, and I'd be more comfortable posing and everything in front of them as opposed to a stranger, I didn't want to do the work of editing my own pictures... and I just wanted that quintessential experience of having a real photographer take my cute little senior pictures and call it a day. However, after searching high and low for a relatively cheap photographer whose style I like, I came up short and my mom excitedly convinced me that it would be a super fun experience for my parents to take my pictures. I was hesitant, not wanting to give up on that ideal I'd had in my head for so long, but understood and decided to go for it. And in typical Manfred fashion, we went *all out*. My lovely mother planned four different photoshoots, placed intermittently throughout our SC stay, in which we'd go to different tropical/stylish locations and take nice pictures with beautiful backgrounds. It truly turned out to be SO much fun, and I really love how the pictures turned out. God's plan was so different from what I wanted, but of course it was better and brought such joy. We got a TON of pictures for free, lol, and I also got creative control over these oh-so-important shoots. One of the main reasons I was hesitant for my parents to take them was because I didn't want the familiar "work" of processing and editing all of those pictures, but in the end I'm so glad I had that creative license. I got to teach my parents some photography skills, have a ton of fun taking them in beautiful locations (that are very different from my hometown, lol), and just got to have my own senior experience in a special way. Even though being behind the camera is my favorite place to be, I've never been suuuper comfortable on the other side of the lense, but these photoshoots sure helped me and made it so enjoyable. God's plan is so much greater than what we have planned!!! This little story is just a small example of our big God.

Anyways, here are one of the four shoots of those pictures, and the vlog is now up!! I hope you check it out and enjoy!! 📸❤️🌴

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