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December in NYC & Manfred Christmas Special // Episode 192

Hello everyone!! Today I'm sharing a combination of content that I'm very excited about. A few weeks ago, Abe and I took a quick trip to New York City to visit my high school best friend Anna and it turned out to be a lovely diversion to interrupt the monotony of winter break. I've been to NYC a decent amount of times over the years but every time I notice new things and try to keep that admiring perspective on the city. Below are some photos I took as I experimented with street photography and noticed the beautiful and impressive architecture around me!

On a different but also super fun note, if you've been following along on my blog or YouTube channel for very long, you'll remember that every year my family and I have the hilariously strange tradition of going for a run on Christmas morning in festive costumes. This started when I was in middle school as a fun way to make the cold and dark morning run a little more enjoyable, and it has evolved to involve both Abe and Reu and incorporate multiple costumes. We represent Santa, an elf, reindeer, and simply festive characters. It's my favorite holiday tradition my family has and creating a video to save the madness every year is so hilarious to look back on. I'm now introducing the Christmas costume run - Year 6!! Check it out and enjoy!!

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