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Edith Noble Design ft. YEA! Investor Panel // Episode 31

Hey everyone! I hope your week has been fantastic! On Tuesday my YEA! (don't remember it? other links below) had our big Investor Panel where we give a 5 minute presentation to about 12 big corporation leaders who have big sums of money to give out to the ideas that they like. This year they had $10,500 to split up between the 13 ideas, and normally every business get some percentage of what they asked for.

*Spoiler Alert: I got pretty much all of my ask!*

This was literally what we had been working towards for the past couple of months, so the stakes were pretty high. I honestly felt like I normally do at the starting line of a race, and I pretty much had the same mindset. We all did great and got some part of our ask, so over all it was a success! I'm the youngest in my class and being in 8th grade in a class of high schoolers is always a fun experience, and apparently the investors agreed! A girl in my class told me that one of the investors asked her (she's a senior) what it's like to have a middle schooler in class. She said that she replied that it was okay, and everyone did seem really surprised at how young I was. Do you think that's good or bad?

Be sure to check out the video and enjoy! Also, be sure to check out my Altoona Mirror shout out below! :)

(can you find my head in the pic above?)

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