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Ella H. | Sunflower Portraits

Hi everyone!! Happy Wednesday!! Today I'm so so excited to share a new set of portraits with you that have majorrr summer vibes. My dear friend Ella and I have been trying to plan a photoshoot together all spring, and when it finally worked out to do one, we decided on a vision that I absolutely love. The sunflowers, the field, the golden hour glow - ugh, I love it all. It also helps that Ella is one of the sweetest humans to walk the earth. I feel like these photos captured Ella's playful and funny spirit, but also her beauty and joy, surrounded by some beautiful nature that was basically in both of our backyards! It was so fun to take these creative summer photos, and a big shout out to Abe for being the world's funniest photography assistant. Be sure to check out the photos of the beautiful gal!!

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