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(just an FYI, END stands for Edith Noble Design)

Hey everyone! I am currently on Day 1 of a four day weekend, so quite frankly, I've got some serious END time here. Let's jump into today's post...

This week in Social Studies class everyone had to learn the Preamble to the Constitution and recite it in front of the class, or they could sing it to the Schoolhouse Rock Preamble song. And if you've ever heard that song, you'll understand me when I say it's been on replay in my head since Monday... and today's Friday. It's painful.

Anyway, this Saturday (tomorrow) is the BG Cross Country team's first meet of the season and it's the Big Valley Invitational about a little over an hour away. But here's the catch, the bus leaves at 6:45 am. If I recall correctly, last year everyone just listened to music and slept for as long as possible. I know it probably sounds like reciting the Preamble and a XC Invitational sound like they have absolutely nothing in common, but they do, trust me.

Something that I always view as important before big events is what you're thinking, and that is definitely influenced by what song is stuck in your head. For instance, for the past week my whole grade has been bursting into, "We The People..." at the most random times, which has been appropriate, seeing as we all got good grades on saying it.

My point here is to share what my current pump up songs are, so let me just cut to the chase.

(And just for the record, last year on the bus before the Big Valley Invite I had that one song that goes, "wiggle wiggle wiggle" stuck in my head, so it's probably pretty obvious why I'm writing this post.)

For instance, on my first day of middle school in sixth grade I really wanted that song from Zootopia stuck in my head... (I still love it.)

This year as I prepare for my first meet the songs that are really sticking in my head in a good way are...

Warrior from A Wrinkle In Time:

I love this song because I think it's a great race day vibe with the whole 'warrior' theme, and it's a little bit darker but it's awesome for a pump up.

I Believe from A Wrinkle In Time:

Normally I'm not a movie song freak but here I definitely am, and these are just my best songs at the moment, soooooo... here ya go. This is a little bit more uplifting and glorifying for after a race. I've got the full race experience down here. ;)

Be sure to check out all of those songs and see if you get the pump up vibe too. Comment what your pump up playlist is! :D

Plus, check out this slideshow of my palm pics!

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