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FAITH > FEAR ... God's calling for you // Episode 114

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you're having a great fall weekend! This week's video and blog post are about something that I've been learning a lot lately, and I feel like I'll continue to learn throughout my life - how to choose faith over fear.

Fall means one big thing for my family - Cross Country season. My whole family are runners and so we all are on different school teams, but we all race and compete with other schools teams. I've always loved running, but I specifically fell in love with it the summer after 5th grade right before I ran my first season of middle school XC. I'll have to make my whole running story and journey a different post, but let's just say that I love to run and train, but I get super nervous before races. Like SUPER nervous. I love the fun of racing but I just dread the feeling of doubt in myself and fear of the race's outcome.

I truly believe that a gift that God has given me is the ability to run and work hard to do well and bring Him glory - but this is something I struggle with. The idea that I'm meant to be doing this one thing that I sometimes reallyyy don't want to do, but I know I should do it. It's really just the fear of the outcome of the race that I dread, that maybe I'll run a slower time than my best or give up before the finish line. If you know me you know that I'm always looking up interviews with really good runners and trying to find their best strategies for lots of things, but specifically how they deal with pre-race nerves.

What I've found is that nobody deals with pre-race nerves the same, but the way that I deal with them (which I'm still figuring out currently!) is choosing faith in God over the fear of the race. This is so hard. It's so hard to block out doubtful and fearful feelings to trust in a God that you can't even physically see. What I've learned is that God always provides! I say this a lot, but it's so true that it's cheesy! If God has called you by name to be in a space where you can love others and/or give Him glory - He's going to work it for your good. If He's called you to be there, it'll all work out for your good. You may not immediately see the good, but it's there. Give the fear to God and allow Him to work it for your good! Acknowledge the fear but make sure that you recognize that God has the larger say!

I'm 100% talking to myself here - but this is something that I have been working on within myself lately so I thought it might help you too! In this week's video I talk about this too, so be sure to check it out and enjoy!!


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