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February 2023 Photo Journal

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Hi everyone! I hope you're having a wonderful start to March!! This past month of February has been an adventure! Since I didn't get to film much of it, this month's recap is in picture form only, and the random fun clips of the month will be added into March's video. :)

February was a month full of flowers and friends, and more warm weather than expected. It was lovely and I'll cherish some sweet memories from this month for a long time. I'm now almost to spring break which is crazy! I'm doing some major traveling over break, which I'm so excited to capture and share. (hint... West Coast!) My favorite memory from the month was Valentine's Day, when my Student Council girls and I got to pass out chocolate roses to the entire school and staff during first period. It was so so joyful and created so many smiles. Hopefully we made people feel loved while blasting music and dancing our way all around campus. Turns out if you really go for it, 350 roses can be given away pretty quickly! That will definitely be one of my top favorite memories from senior year. Besides that, February had lots of beautiful moments. Loving, being loved, laughing, and overall making the most of a whatever weather the days offered us.

Be sure to check out these photos of my top memories from the month, and enjoy. ❤️💐

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