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Football on Film [9/16]

Hi everyone!! I hope you're having a fabulous Friday! Today I'm coming at you with a short little blog post with some photos I took for my photography class that I just wanted to share with the world. I'm taking Photography class this semester at school (as I did in fall semester of ninth grade as well, it feels very full circle), where we study primarily film photography, learning the whole process of shooting, developing, and printing our photos. It's quite the tedious process compared to today's technology with digital photography, but I truly love it. In typical 21st century photographer fashion, I love film photography and everything that comes with it. The nostalgic look, the candid moments, the delayed gratification - it's all just so magical to me. I think this is because of the history lover in me who just loves an old historical look in photos, but I'm equally as fascinated with the developing process. Something about physically touching and developing these pictures that I created makes them feel very concrete and keeps me aware of just how special photography is. My typical method of digital photography sometimes feels abstract and it's sometimes hard to grasp ideologically because my photos are only ever pixels on a screen. With this combination of metal, mirror lenses, chemicals and paper, I can take a moment in time and freeze it forever. I find that so special and I think film photography to me is the most special when it's just casual candids, such as these that I took at my brothers' school's football game in September. It was my first roll of film for this school year and I was pleasantly surprised with how some of the pictures turned out because of how dark it was as the night progressed. I truly find these pictures so special and maybe you'll get a kick out of some film photography too!! Have a great weekend.

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