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Green Gables USA Style

Hi everyone! How have you been for the past 11 days without me??? As you know, my family was just in Prince Edward Island, Canada on vacation (!!!) and we had so much fun! It really was awesome, but I have a few fun facts/precautions if you ever decide to go there...

~ Here in PA we have robins everywhere, and their equivalent to our robins are bald eagles. Seriously, we saw probably 5 bald eagles fly past our window everyday! Like, full sized, talon bearing bald eagles... I couldn't decide if I was syched or scared.

~ When we were walking on the beach in the first few days, we kept seeing these blobs of what looked like clear jelly washed up in the sand. We later found out that those were actual jellyfish that had washed ashore! That was the end of my brothers and I playing in the water ever again. BEWARE OF JELLYFISH.

This picture was taken at the Anne of Green Gables Heritage Site, which is where the actual house that Green Gables was based on is. You could go into the house and walk around the Haunted Wood, which, of course, we did. All of it was very fun, and we definitely learned a lot about the author and what the story was based on. If you're ever in the Canada/Nova Scotia area, check it out! What did you do this weekend?

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