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Growing Up - a short film // Episode 169

Hey everyone! I hope you're having a great weekend. This week's video is an excitingly new style of video for me - it's a music video/short film! (I don't know which to call it, hahaha, so why not both?)

Last weekend I got some inspiration to create a short film of sorts, and the inspiration mainly came from a teen photographer/videographer who creates Tiktoks and Instagram posts based on creative prompts from sci fi and fantasy novels. I love her style of filming and editing, so I thought I'd give it a try, and here we are! I compiled a list of songs that I had ideas for and narrowed it down to a top few, and ended up with the song "worldstar money" by the artist Joji. It's a very calm and lofi-sounding song, but I thought the vocals and rhythm really had some beautiful emotions under them. When listening to the song, I was inspired by the almost frustrated carelessness of the voice singing, and I thought that reflected well of some feelings that I've noticed in both myself and others about growing up. We're all excited about the future, but it terrifies us at the same time. We feel nostalgia for our childhoods, but we recognize that our childhoods actually aren't quite over yet. We're frustrated by the difficulty of navigating the world, and just haven't quite accepted yet why the world is the way it is. You'll see this reflected in the video's scenes.

It was a rather uncomfortable experience to be honest! I'm very comfortable in front of the camera (4 years of YouTube and Instagram videos pays off, lol) but not very comfortable acting as anyone other than myself in front of the camera. I'm not really playing a specific part in this besides just a general 2022 teenager, but I did have to act out scenes and not portray myself specifically, which turned out to be harder than I thought it would be. It was definitely a learning and growing experience for me, and I'm so glad that I experimented with this video! I think it turned out to be quite nice and portrays the emotions I had hoped it would. I hope you check it out and enjoy!!


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