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HAHS Tiger Pride Photos

Hi everyone! I hope you're having a lovely Wednesday!! Today I'm excited to share with you a new photography set, but of a slightly different genre than I normally shoot. Since my brothers are running for the cross country team, I had the chance to attend the Hollidaysburg High School Tiger Pride event last Saturday, and decided to take some photos for their team. The Tiger Pride event is basically a spirit rally that happens right before the school year starts, and all athletics and athletes are introduced to spectators and families in the stadium. This turned out to be super fun, and as one of my dream jobs has always been to be a sports photographer, I decided to shoot the event as if I was one! It was so cool to see all of the high school's athletics introduced, and very fun to document the fun happenings with a zoom lens. I hope you check out the photos and enjoy! Go Tigers!

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