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Haley & Tiga | Equestrian Portraits

Haley and Tiga!!! These two!!! Ahh I've been so excited to share these photos for a while now, and I finally can. This was my second ever equestrian photoshoot, and it was such a blast. Haley is one of my besties at school, and Haley's horse Tiga unfortunately was sold and had to leave Grier a few weeks ago, so they wanted some photos together before Tiga left. Though equestrian shoots are always a fun challenge, Haley and Tiga were both so photogenic and gorgeous. We shot in the stalls in our upper barn, and Haley got to showcase their graduation server dress and prom fit, which were both stunning! There's truly nothing like the horse and rider bond, especially at a boarding school. Be sure to check out all of the photos and enjoy!!

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