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How I Get in the Christmas Spirit! // Episode 70

Hello everyone! I hope you're having a fabulous holiday season! If you've been following my story for a while you'll know that I'm absolutely obsessed with Christmas, and everything that goes into preparing for it! The music, the decorations, the tree, the EVERYTHING. It's all so great, so I thought I would make a video and blog post about how I utilize those 25 days that I give myself the liberty to binge Pentatonix Christmas music.

In the video I show how I decorate my room, my family putting up our tree & decor and getting my dresses I'll wear on Christmas Eve and day. A tradition my Nana and I have is that we go out together and shop for my dresses, and that can take anywhere between 1 store and 4, LOL.

Last year I also made a video about some DIY holiday decor that literally anyone can do! I used some of the decor mentioned in there to decorate my room this year too.

Alsoooo... here's some of my favorite holiday music playlists - because we all know I've been holding myself back from listening to these since like July. ;)

And here is my own playlist with all of the Christmas videos I've ever made on my channel...

Check 'em out and enjoy!!

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