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I'm on the Dream Achieve Podcast!!

Hi everyone! I hope you're having a great day! So I'm suuuper duper excited to say that I'm on a podcast!! If you've never heard of her, Hannah Ashton is a sophmore in college who is running a business (she sells workbook planners), youtube channel, and podcast! (here's her full website, and here's her instagram) She's super inspirational and she actually made it to the national finals in the Young Entrepreneurs Academy competition. As I've mentioned before, I did the Young Entrepreneurs Academy too... but I definitely didn't make it that far!

Anyhoo, on her podcast she does this section called the 'Dreamer's Spotlight' where she interviews aspiring entrepreneurs an, well... dreamers! I emailed her about myself (ok that sounds suuuper conceited but I promise it wasn't lol) and she interviewed me! Now I'm sure that if you're reading this, you probably already know quite a bit about me, but I found it actually helpful and inspirational to myself to go through how I started this whole blog/YouTube thing and what my goals for the future are. If you're ever feeling burnt out or uninspired, just tell yourself why you're working so hard and what it's going to help you achieve. Trust me, it helps. ;)

So please check out specifically that episode of the podcast, but feel free to browse through Hannah's podcast and social media and get inspired. I know I did!

Here ya go... enjoy!

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omg I listened to the podcast!! That is so cooooollllll! You did so well and i cant even believe ur doing all this at 13. You are so inspiring!

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