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Jacquemus Mock Ad Campaign Photoshoot

Hi everyone!! I'm so so excited to share a gallery of photos that I've been excited about for a few weeks now. A few weeks ago a lovely SCAD Fashion student reached out to me about shooting a mock ad campaign for class project, and while the style was out of my comfort zone, I learned a lot and it was a very cool experience. The brand was a french luxury brand called Jacquemus, and it was an interesting learning experience to research and try to model after a specific brand's style. Jacquemus is known for being very chic, expensive, and high end, so through that brand identity I was able to work with the stylists to craft the look we both wanted.

I think the photos turned out beautifully thanks to a talented team of stylists and models, so here are the results!! Stay tuned for lots more SCAD photography work from this past quarter that I'll be releasing throughout June.

Stylist & Creative Director (Instagram): @sabanareyes

Models (Instagram): @araalonsonou, @joeysalzano, @amanda_dicastro, @ramon_chedraui

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