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Makaehla's Dance Photoshoot

(How stunning is she!?!)

Hello everyone! I hope you're having a great day! I'm posting an extra special extra blog post today with the pictures from a recent dance photoshoot I did with the one and only Makaehla!! I've never shot a legit photoshoot before but we both had a great time with it and I definitely want to keep taking pictures of some awesome people. I took a Photography 1 class in school this past year and it was very fun to use those skills with such an amazing dancer.

Also, in case anyone is wondering (idk why you would be haha), these pictures were all edited on VSCO. I've created a Photography page on the website because I definitely plan on taking more fun pictures of fun people and sharing them, so I have a photography portfolio of sorts there.

Be sure to enjoy the pictures below!!

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