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March 2023 Photo Journal

March Madness!!! Well, my own version of March Madness that is. This past month involved more extensive travel than I've ever done before, and it was a blast. The passage of time in March always feels strange, as spring break makes it feel both so long and so short. There were so many fun moments, and I feel like I started the month in a rather different place than I ended it. Travel has a way of doing that to you - dividing time in ways that don't fit our societal calendar. I'm so thankful for all of it.

From early morning runs, the start of track season, being in a rock concert, flying to Oregon, and much more - it was packed. And yet I feel like I'm saying that about every month of this school year! As of today, there's 43 days until graduation. I'm trying to soak up everything at school and home, while also ironing out so many details about my future. It's daunting and yet so exciting. Below are some photos from March that show the whirlwind adventure that it was. Check it out and enjoy!!

💌 Edith Noble

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