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Missed the Memo [Photo 114 Final Project]

It's finally here!! The final gallery of photos from my final project for my photography class this spring are some of my favorite photos I've ever taken and definitely my favorite college project to date. Our prompt was very open ended and I decided to use an idea I'd recently had about juxtaposing model with setting to create a surrealist vision.

My idea was based around the awkward and surreal feeling of waking up in a dream and realizing you forgot to put pants on, wore the pajamas to class, or are dressed completely wrong. To do this, I wanted to have models in outfits that didn't match their environment, using the environment as a character itself. It would combine editorial and documentary elements, using real world settings and the people in them without perfecting the backgrounds. This was so fun to coordinate with my models and friends and with creativity and collaboration, I got to watch my vision come to life in a series of five photoshoots. These were all then combined into a final gallery of ten photos for class critique.

Starting photography classes this year has been eye opening and inspiring and I can't wait to keep developing my photographic style! This project was a blast and gives me greater confidence in myself as an artist going forward. Enjoy the results!!


Creative Director & Photographer: Myself!

Models: Avery Knight, Sam Carlson, Audrey Ryland, Daniel Garza

Photo Assistants: Chandler Binkley, Avery Knight




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