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My 14th Birthday Vlog! (XC Championship & Memories) // Episode 62

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

Hi everyone! I hope you're having a stupendous weekend! I was considering taking a weekend off of videos/blog posts for my birthday buuuut... I didn't! My 14th birthday was on Saturday, which happened to also be the day of my cross country championship race so that was quite something! The race went really well and I ended up getting 14th place, which made me 'Second Team All-State' which is SUPER exciting, and the 3rd fastest freshman to finish!

13 has been such an amazing year for me and so many new opportunities have come my way! When I turned 13 my (vague) vision for my life was so different than what it is now, and I would say it's better! It's crazy to think that I didn't even know about Grier School, let alone that I would be going there for art on a full scholarship. God has provided so much for me and I feel that I have gotten such a better relationship with Christ through this year. My blog and YouTube channel have grown so much and I think that I'm reaching out to so many more people and hopefully influencing their lives for the better. Cross Country has been so crazy but so awesome, and I love becoming a better runner and athlete all the time. Cheers to another amazing year!!!

Aaaand be sure to check out the video and enjoy... ;)

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