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Natural w/ Teapot Rock

Hey everyone! (Wait, do I start every post with that??) You're probably wondering why the post title is Natural w/ Teapot Rock, so let me explain. For nearly all of the pics I post I'll edit them a little, usually to crop and lighten or something small like that, but for this one I went to the editing page and I had nothing to do. I mean nothing. I didn't crop, I didn't orientate, I didn't do anything. That explains the natural part, now onto the Teapot Rock part. That big rock behind me is called Teapot Rock, no special explanation there. Title Explained... check!

Also, here's a shout out to my mom for letting me borrow her striped sweatshirt! (very comfy btw) This is the second to last post from PEI, and this beach was called Thunder Cove, and it was pretty cool.

Here in PA lately it's been crazy hot, and I'm talking like 90+ degrees for the past two days. So every time we drive past a house with a pool, it takes a lot of self control not to jump out of the car and into the pool. Somehow my family has moved a lot, like this is our 7th house a lot, and yet somehow we've never moved into a house with a pool. Just the Manfred Luck.

How is your weather/summer? ;)

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