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Nor on Film [Photographer Emulation Project]

Hi everyone!! I hope you're having an amazing spring weekend. Today I'm throwing it back to a project from my photography class last semester in which we were told to emulate a famous photographer. I chose Annie Leibovitz, a highly acclaimed fashion/lifestyle photographer most famous for her many Vogue covers of the most well-known models and celebrities in the world. Her style is one that intrigues me, as her photographs are nearly immediately recognizable for their wide frame composition and moody color scheme. When I get my monthly Vogue copy in the mail I can typically tell almost at once if the cover is taken by her or not, and it almost always is.

These photos of my dear friend/model-extraodinaire Nor were my attempt at imitating Leibovitz's style and trying my hand at a Vogue-type style. How do you think I did? Shooting in film, as I did nearly exclusively for this class last fall, is always a cool challenge that has helped me grow immensely as a photographer. Be sure to check out these film photos of Nor and enjoy!!

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