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November Interior (& Exterior)

Hey! Just to clarify, when I added exterior to the title I meant that it's November 15th, right? My school canceled school. Ya know why? It's SNOWING. Just in case you didn't hear that again I say, it's SNOWING. Yes, actual SNOW, outside my window, as we speak. (well, as you read, but you get the point) And just as an FYI, every time in this post that I write the word 'snow' it's going to be in all caps.

It's called a rebellion Mother Nature.

Anyway, the reason I was writing this post didn't necessarily start out as a rant about SNOW, it actually was just because I absolutely love these pictures that I took of the light that my dad recently hung up in our piano room. (And yes, we have a 'Piano Room' but it's only because there's too much room in this house and we had to fill it with something. My next post will have to be about the new edition we got to our house... who knew Amazon sold chocolate fountains??)

(Just kidding.)



This is actually a really cool light that we got a while ago from Ikea, and just never hung up in this house. Funnily enough, the piano room doesn't actually have a light on the ceiling so we've just been depending on good old fashioned sunlight (and a lamp) for the past 15 months. I love the light because it's actually a paper material so you can bend and shape it in any way you want to fit the space. And since you can only write so much about SNOW in November and a light in your house, enjoy the pictures and have a good day.


Just for fun, here's the SNOW...

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