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NYC Vlog - The Met & Eastbay Northeast Regional XC // Episode 164

Hi everyone! I hope you're having a wonderful winter evening! Today I'm bringing you a new vlog of my family's Thanksgiving trip to New York City to compete in the Eastbay (formerly Footlocker) Northeast Regional Cross Country Meet. If possible, typically we like to take a trip over Thanksgiving weekend, and this year we decided to go to New York City to not only explore the city a little bit, but also to run in our region's open cross country meet. We took along my boyfriend Ben, his twin brother, and his dad because they all love to run as well (surprise, lol) and wanted to run in the championship boys race. It was such a fun, chaotic, and cool trip that I won't forget.

The Eastbay Regional meet is one out of four regional meets that happen across the US, and we're in the Northeast region. The other are the South, Midwest, and West, and the top 10 boys and girls from each region's championship races qualify for nationals in San Diego two weeks after regionals. None of us had the goal of qualifying for nationals, haha, but we ran in our races and had a really cool experience. The meet is held at Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx, which turned out to be a really difficult but really fun course. Some courses are just hard, some are just fun, and some are neither, but Van Cortlandt was somehow both. Everyone had a great time in their races, but especially Reu as he medalled by placing 27th boy in the 11 & 12 year old boys race! Medalling at regionals is so crazy, and we were so so excited at his result. It was an absolutely frigid late fall day, so everyone was packed up with Hot Hands and countless layers, but all of our fingers and toes survived, which was a win for that day. I placed 86th in the championship girls race in 20:10 for 5k, which isn't my best time but it was a surprisingly fun race so that made up for it.

Later that night, just to extend to one of the longest days ever, we had reservations at The Met for a few hours until it closed, so we went home, showered, dressed up, and went to Manhattan to admire some art with our sore legs. The Met was insane, and I definitely want to go back someday to look at everything we didn't get to see. With that said, we saw a lot of art and I'd say we all were amazed at the immense amount and quality of artwork that one place can hold. My favorite exhibit had to be the "In America - A Lexicon of Fashion", which was the exhibit created for this year's Met Gala. It was so interesting to see modern fashion that reflects patriotic emotion, and I found it really inspiring. Since I'm a lover of art history, The Met was one of the coolest places I've ever been and a fantastic end to an epic day.

On Sunday, the next morning, we went to a beautiful church near our Air B&B in Brooklyn and then packed up to leave, hitting up Battery Park on the way out. We saw the Statue of Liberty from a distance, and a rather mundane view of New Jersey, and then we were outti! In one word, this 48 hour trip was "epic" and we all definitely made some memories together. The vlog is a short & sweet tribute to the epicness so I hope you check it out and enjoy!!

Also, I made a carousel collage of my favorite pictures from all of the experiences, so click through to see the panoramic moments. Peace out!!


Here are some more of my top fav pictures from NYC...

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