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Outside Apiary with Ethan - Dorm Portraits

Throwback to some portraits I had the fun experience of capturing of my friend and teammate Ethan a few weeks ago! I've been playing with the edits of these photos ever since the quick shoot outside of our dorm, and I've finally come to some funky experimental results. My photography professor has been telling my class that his one piece of advice to a college photography student is to take more photos of our friends to capture this unique time in our lives, so I've dedicated myself to taking more random and special portraits of my friends. It's been so cool to start college with such a wonderful group of freshman teammates who have become my closest friends, so here's one of them.

Ethan is a such a cool teammate to have and I'm always so thankful that my friends agree to model for my random and sometimes weird photography ideas!! Check out the wacky results below and enjoy.

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