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Portraits of a Little Brother Growing Up

This shoot was very short and spontaneous, but somehow super special at the same time! This summer I have a goal of trying out some creative photoshoot ideas, just in quick shoots without a ton of planning. I want to get better at shooting quality over quantity of photos, and just be more willing to experiment artistically!

The youngest of my two brothers at age 13, Reu agreed to help me out to create these photos based on some inspirational photos I had seen on Instagram. I'm so glad he was down to help me out and l'm so happy with how they turned out. They were meant to both serve as a photography experiment for me, but also a way to document Reu at this age. He's growing fast and I'm about to leave for college, meaning l'm going to miss a lot of his growth. I'm super close to my family so the idea that I'm going to miss even things like my siblings' physical growth is pretty tough. I wanted to capture where he's at and show some of his personality through these portraits. They're meant to be moody, but you can definitely see his goofy personality poking through at times. I also tried some new techniques with editing so overall I'm very happy with the results! Check them out and enjoyll

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