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PSU Indoor Track Photo Collection

Racing Collage:

Hi everyone! I hope you're having a nice day!! Today I'm so excited to share a collection of photos with you that I've been working on for a few weeks now. Shortly before Christmas my brothers' indoor track team had a meet, and I was coming off of my post-season running break so I decided not to compete but still wanted to watch/cheer... which gave me an idea! I decided to play sports photographer for the day and take my camera & two lenses and see what I could come up with. I follow a few sports photographers on Instagram so I tried experimenting with their shooting style while trying to find my own. It was a really cool experience and I think I ended up with some really sick photos.

Unfortunately, some of the photos' files were too large to upload to this blog post, but most of them are down below. In experimenting, I also made three sliding collages with the themes of racing, field events, and shoes. It seems random, haha, but I made the shoes one because I noticed that from the edge of the banked track I got a really cool view of the starting blocks and people's shoes as they prepare to start running. Throughout the meet I tried to move around and shoot different events from different places inside and outside of the track, and I ended up getting quite a few different perspectives. It might sound rather silly, but before the meet I did some research by looking closely at the style of specific sports photographers that I admire, and taking note of what is appealing or intriguing about their photos. I also fell down the metaphoric YouTube rabbit hole of Olympic photography and how photographers prepare for huge track meets, and it was so interesting! Very valuable to think about. For these photos I tried a different editing style than I normally do, and I'm quite pleased with how they turned out. It gives it more of a film camera-type look, and though I was nervous to make such drastic changes on the photos, it was definitely a learning experience in post-processing.

In my non-portrait photography I'm always trying to point out little details about an event or place that people might not notice, so you'll definitely see a few like that below. What I love about sports photography is how you can capture someone's passion for what they're doing through a beautiful or intense action, and that's definitely seen in these photos.

Be sure to check them out and enjoy!! 📸🤠

Shoes Collage:

Field Collage:

Full collection:

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