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Senior Prom, Take #1!

Hi everyone! Happy Sunday. :))

Today I'm sharing some very special photos from my first out of two proms this year! On Friday I attending my boyfriend Chad's high school prom, which was so fun and such a special experience. We had a picnic in his backyard beforehand which was lovely, and then headed out for a Vegas-themed dance!

My mom had the wonderful idea a week or so ago for me to embroider some flowers on his tie to match my dress, which turned out to be so cool. As my family will quickly tell you, I'm not the best at sewing, but embroidery is rather fun and more artistic so I bought a linen tie on Amazon and gave it a go. It actually ended up matching my dress really well and was a nice creative touch.

The next prom will be my school's dance, and then next up is graduation! The year is flying by and I'm so excited, even though it's all rather bittersweet.

Check out the prom photos and enjoy!!

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