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September '23 Photo Journal

Hello & happy October!! My favorite month has arrived, but this year September was more special to me than ever before. September was such a beautiful transitional month for me - I had just moved into college and got to adjust to a new lifestyle and city! My world was flipped upside down in August, and I got to create a new cool upside down lifestyle in September.

There were quite a few beach trips, lots and lots of walks to the park, good laughs with new good friends, and tons of art. Savannah is so so cool and it's been crazy to adjust to this historical but artistically innovative southern city. Starting college classes was super exciting but art school is also totally changing my view on education and how academic classes work! I'm taking three classes, each twice a week for 2.5 hours each class period. All of my classes are quite interesting and I can't wait to see how they play into my major and view on the creation of art. It's fascinating to be in this space with so many creative minds and different types of people who are all trying to express themselves and shape the world in their own unique way. There's so many interesting people who I'm loving getting to know, especially on the cross country team.

My first collegiate cross country season has started off quite well and the team atmosphere is wonderful! There have definitely been new challenges with everything from team living to the most intense training of my life, but I truly am so excited to be a part of this artist-athlete community.

September has been a blast and I'm so excited to see what October will hold!! Enjoy this past month's highlights below. 🤗💛

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