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Stream, Wedding, & Lots of Food

Hey guys! How's your weekend going? Blog wise, yesterday my family went to a wedding for a cousin and it was pretty awesome! (as you can tell from that pic) Let me just say, wedding food always seems to be better than regular food... lol. Am I the only one who thinks that someone should make a wedding food restaurant? Anyhoo, it was actually beautiful weather and there was this awesome stream by the reception hall. This is going to sound really cliche but it was like a scene from a book. I'll probably be doing posts with different pics from there, because we took a lot! ;)

BTW, if you haven't already become a site member you totally should! All you have to do is click on the comment bar or heart of any blog post and create an account. You can also sign up for the mailing list if you so choose. (I actually haven't figured out how to make a mailing list yet... lol... but you should still sign up)

Would you guys want more pics like this?

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