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The Manfred World Cup 2019 // Episode 45

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Hellooo everyone! I hope you're having a great weekend! If you haven't noticed the Google themes for the past week or two, the Soccer World Cup has been going on. I just googled the standings, and the United States is currently unbeaten!! This week's video was inspired by that, as my family did a one on one soccer tournament! Only one of the five of us has ever actually played soccer, so there weren't really any rules except don't cheat... which we didn't really specify what cheating is... so really we were just kicked around a soccer ball into a space between two cones. It actually ended up being really, really fun, and I won't spoil who won, so you'll have to what the video to see!

Be sure to check it out and enjoy!!

On a bit of a different note, last Sunday one of my brothers, Abe, was in a puppetry performance at the State Theater (he did amazing btw!) and he had to be at the theater early. We had about 3 hours to hang out around State College so my family and I went to the Penn State All-Sports Museum and Arboretum. We got to take a look at the history of all of the Penn State sports and see Beaver Stadium completely empty! The flowers at the Arboretum were absolutely beautiful as well, and my dad was kind enough to take lots of pictures of me. (and I mean lots!)

To be honest, I actually really liked my outfit that I wore that day, and as usual at least 25% of it was my mom's. A nice and simple outfit starter for summer is a skirt with an overlarge t-shirt. The nice thing about this is that it can be a really casual outfit or a really dressy outfit depending on what shirt you wear. You could match the skirt with a nice silky blouse and scarf, like I did, or literally one of those 100% cotton shirts that you can get at basically any sports event. Whatever the occasion calls for!

Feel free to click through some of the pictures!! :)

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